Land Improvement Services

Guaranteed Land Improvement With Custom Weed Control Spray Services

  • Benefits Include: Reduced fire hazard, increased vision safety and aesthetics, freedom of growth for desired vegetation, time and cost savings by avoiding weed eating and mowing, elimination of poisonous or irritating weeds, increased land value and use.
  • Potential Areas Include: Fire breaks, fence lines, parking areas, road sides, in and around ornamental planted areas, unwanted Poison Oak or Wild Blackberries, pastures and ditch banks.

Some Types and Optional Timing of Weed Control Spray Services

  • Undesirable Woody Plant Elimination: Examples include Poison Oak-May through June, Bear Clover/Mountain Misery-mid Spring through mid Summer, Wild Blackberries-Summer through Fall.
  • Aquatic Weed Control: We are licensed to perform Aquatic Weed Control with the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture. Enquire with needs, questions, or concerns.