Land Improvement & Maintenance

Guaranteed Weed Control Maintenance Services

  • Benefits Include: Reduced fire hazard, increased vision safety and aesthetics, freedom of growth for desired vegetation, time and cost savings by avoiding weed eating and mowing, elimination of poisonous or irritating weeds, increased land value and use.
  • Potential Areas Include: Fire breaks, fence lines, parking areas, road sides, in and around ornamental planted areas.

Some Types and Optional Timing of Weed Control Spray Services

  • Winter Annual Weed Control: November through February. The spraying controls most winter annual weeds, which are those that germinate with the Fall rains, grow and set seed in Summer. These weeds grow most freely and widespread. Examples include foxtails, wild oats, fiddleneck, filaree, common groundsel and yellow star thistle. Rains following a Winter Annual Spray Job allow dead weeds to decompose (which gives you bare ground).
  • Weed Control Maintenance Program: For ornamental landscaping areas, services are scheduled utilizing preemergent and/or post emergent herbicides. The program guarantees control of all weeds, “unwanted plants”, winter annuals, summer annuals, and perennials.

Cost of Service

Cost varies for type of service depending upon materials used, time needed and size of job. Please call for free estimate.